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Mali News #1 – Silence falls, but still hope for peace

In this regular post we’ll be providing key links to keep you up-to-date on the latest in Mali. A fairly crisis-centric post this time around, but we intend to change that in future to reflect there is still much more to Mali than the current crisis.

First up, a fantastic infographic from the Washington Post on the current situation in Mali.

















And the Washington Post also reported on the silencing of music in Mali, as did the BBC in a very vivid report highlighting the terrorist’s assault on one of the Mali’s most iconic features: it’s music.

All while these foreign terrorists who are implementing this are calling for Malians to reject foreign troops… words escape me to describe the hypocrisy. I’ll just balance this piece off with something from talking about the politics of ethnicity and locality.

Ban Ki-Moon recommends the deployment of AU troops to Mali, while US military officials indicate worry about the effectiveness of military intervention.

Meanwhile, more importantly, Toureg representatives attend mediation talks. A very important first step as the UN was told late last week by Jeffrey Feltman, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs. This is especially important when we consider that the Malian Army has just opened recruitment for 15,000 men, (fr) three times the numbers of the proposed ECOWAS intervention force, giving some indication of the scale of the task that the Malians might forsee, and why dialogue is a strong preference.

Finally, pulling directly from the superb Peter Tinti a selection of must read documents on Mali can be found here. (English)


The Malian Prime Minister and his government have resigned late last night following his arrest (fr) at the instigation of the leader of the March coup Captain Sanogo.