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    <b>How does the body fight bacterial infections?</b> Your body uses white blood cells to fight off the bacteria and viruses that invade your body and make you sick. The white blood cell is attracted to the bacteria because proteins called antibodies have marked the bacteria for destruction. These antibodies are specific for disease-causing bacteria and viruses.
    <b>How do you get sepsis?</b> Sepsis can be triggered by an infection in any part of the body. The most common sites of infection leading to sepsis are the lungs, urinary tract, tummy (abdomen) and pelvis. For example, you’re more likely to develop sepsis if: you’ve recently had surgery.
    <b>Does cellulitis get worse before it gets better?</b> Symptoms of cellulitis usually disappear after a few days of antibiotic therapy. However, cellulitis symptoms often get worse before they get better probably because, with the death of the bacteria, substances that cause tissue damage are released.
    <b>Are all antibiotics the same?</b> The antibiotics that work for a urinary tract infection aren’t the same as the ones that will fight your strep throat. The “broad-spectrum” antibiotics used to fight infections in hospitals aren’t the same as the very specific antibiotics your doctor may prescribe to treat a bacterial ear infection.
    <b>How long does it take for clindamycin to work for BV?</b> Symptoms are usually treated with an antibiotic such as clindamycin or metronidazole – as a cream, vaginal suppositories or tablets, or oral tablets. Treatment can last one to seven days depending on the exact drug used, its form and the dose, and the severity of the symptoms.
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