Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Song of the Week

Amadou & Mariam – Ce N’est Pas Bon (JD Twitch Edit)

Here at the Hub we have frequently posted Mali’s most famous and successful musicians. We try and remain up to date with the various up-and-coming artists and stay on top of all the various collaborations that Malian musicians are participating in. Whether taking full credit for the inspiration for blues and country or taking the world of hip-hop by storm, African music has reached celebrity status on a global scale – with African musicians frequently rubbing shoulders with some of the most influential and connected artists the planet has to offer. Inevitably, in the age of digitalised music where everyone seems to be (or at least know) a DJ, African music has burst out of  middle-class C.D collections and has finally found its way into the iPods, headphones, bars and nightclubs of mainstream Western society.

So, in another Mali Song of the Week first here is a re-worked version of Amadou & Mariam’s Ce N’est Pas Bon, edited by one half of Glaswegian duo ‘Optimo‘ – Keith McIvor (AKA JD Twitch). The original is a decent enough song on its own. However after listening to the song after McIvor has worked his magic on it – tweaking the tempo and adding  a thumping drum beat – its hard to go back. Emphasising the electro-xylophone loop from the original, playing down the guitar and giving Amadou & Mariam’s exemplary vocals pride-of-place, JD Twitch allows the song to raise its game and become an excellent party piece.  Small changes, expertly carried out.

Another example of the enduring versatility and popularity of Malian music.

Amadou & Mariam – Ce N’est Pas Bon (JD Twitch edit)

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