Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Song of the Week

Sidi Toure – L’eau : The Water

Time for a jolly one. In 2013, Sidi Toure released his third international album Alafia which, like many recent releases from Malian musicians, it was recorded under challenging, disrupted and sometimes violent circumstances. The album was recorded in the cities of Nantes, France and Bamako, after the ‘Sahara Soul’ tour in Europe. And like many other recent albums, behind the floating acoustic sound of the music there is anger such as in the intense song “Waayey” (“The Butcher”).

But today’s song seems to be about water in its capacity as “the source of life, it is the source of life” – well, at least that’s what the English lyrics of the song point out. Which is jolly enough for me. Happy Wednesday.


Sidi Toure – L’eau : The Water


Speaking of water, on June 20th Jessica Garbett will be doing a #swimforMali – swimming an open water mile swim to raise funds for the Mali Development Group. Its a crazy thing to attempt and the Mali Development Group are delighted that Jessica has decided to raise funds for our development projects in Mali – in particular our healthcare provision work in Bamako.

Please donate to support Jess and MDG! Thank you for every pound and penny. 

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