Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Song of the Week

Sidi Touré – Euzo

The first time Sidi Touré appeared on the Song of the Week it was with the opening track to his 2012 album ‘Koïma’. This week, we have the final track on that same album. It’s a really gentle, reflective piece of acoustic guitar work. The intro leaves you hanging on every note as the song gradually builds a rhythm. A steel-string guitar sharpens the mood and Sidi soon enters with his characteristic vocals and the song tops out at the rate of a very pleasant stroll.

So characteristic the song is it was used in an Oxfam short on the food crisis in Senegal and the wider Sahel region. Its a song that accompanies the imagery of West African rural society well, as it also suits Oxfam’s attempts of being up-beat about its presence in the region. However, Sidi Toure’s flowing and gentle music is slightly jarring when pinned up against an issue such as the blight of African farmers as they sit and describe the difficulties they face. Nevertheless, Oxfam’s work in the region is admirable and their continued presence in Mali in particular is truly commendable in light of the on-going instability in the country.

Some of you may have noticed that the song has already begun playing on this page. Please use the tool-bar below to play, pause and replay the song as you wish.

Sidi Touré – Euzo

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