Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Song of the Week

Ali Farka Toure – Hawa Dolo

It’s a quick and a gentle one this week. Ali Farka Toure provides a warm, reassuring acoustic tune that rolls along at that familiar pace that soothes the mind. With all the chaos and emotional upheaval of the last weeks and months it is perhaps more useful to lie back for a moment and take a well earned break – instead of delving further into the relentlessly poor news.

Delightfully and helplessly simple, Hawa Dolo compels the listener into the perfect position to reflect, recharge and pick out the goodness in Mali we all yearn for. It’s all still there. Somewhere. Smothered, breaking out or simply rumbling on.

Particularly mesmeric is the music video. Ali is pictured in a timeless, idyllic Nirvana. One of an endless sunset and an inviting breeze. Follow it and you’ll find all the time you could need to create, contemplate and treasure the world.


Ali Farka Toure – Hawa Dolo


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