Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Track of the Week

Oumou Sangare – Yala

In our post last week we suggested that Sali Sidibe may have been the “the original Wassoulou musician of this popular age of Malian music”. This undermined Oumou Sangare‘s – as well as many other’s – claim to the title. So this week, it has been decided that we give Oumou a chance to make her own case.

Of course it is impossible to ever decide on these things, but Oumou’s successes are enormous. A Grammy Award Winner, she is sometimes described as the “Songbird of Wassoulou“. Her record label is the great World Circuit Records who describe her in the following way:

“Oumou Sangare is Mali’s great diva, and one of the world’s most astounding female voices. Her idiom is the hauntingly beautiful and hypnotically rhythmic home-grown music that has become her trademark: Wassoulou.”

Sangare has many great songs and she will no-doubt be making another appearance on the Hub in the weeks and months to come, but this week we are putting up a very fun track. Certain to jazz-up any Wednesday morning.

Oumou Sangare – Yala

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