Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Track of the Week

Ali Farka Touré – Yer Bounda Fara

This week’s track comes from Ali Farka Touré’s final solo album “Savane“. The album was written and completed by Touré in the knowledge that he cancer was terminal and it was released posthumously four months after his death in 2006.

This week’s track has been picked in testament to Ali Farka Touré’s own statement about the album:

“I know this is my best album ever. It has the most power and is the most different.”

The song seamlessly blends the blues with traditional Malian sounds. Its a very simplistic song with few instruments yet its power is stocked in the call-and-response lyrics of the chorus that burst out from the steady, jovial bounce of the guitar.

Ali Farka Touré – Yer Bounda Fara

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