Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Track of the Week

Salif Keita – Africa

It time to celebrate as Salif Keita is coming to London’s Barbican Centre on the 8th of April. What better way to celebrate than with some afrobeat from the excellent Malian musician himself, conducted in that cheesy fashion that only afrobeat can get away with, perhaps with the exception of some 80s classics.

Salif Keita is an exceptional musician, and has already appeared on the Track of the Week once before.  Live music producers Serious have been instrumental in bringing artists like Keita to perform in Britain for years. In reference to the upcoming concert they had this to say:

“Salif Keita has been at the forefront of modern Malian music for many years. Dubbed the ‘golden voice of Africa’ (fRoots), Keita has over that time extended musical frontiers and carved out a distinctive musical voice, in which rock, funk and jazz combine with the deepest West African griot traditions.”

Contrary to the focus provided here on Salif’s excitable dance beats he is an exceptional producer of emotive, beautiful and ambient music with an fantastic use of layered vocals. As Serious continue:

“In this show Salif will be exploring a new acoustic direction, evolving from his recent shows which were geared towards a heavily-amplified sound.”

As many nights in the Barbican before it, Keita – in all likelihood – is going to produce an evening of real beauty and intimacy; something really special.

But hold that thought for one moment as here is a real African anthem if there ever was one, with a cultural collage of a music video to boot. Enjoy Salif Keita’s ‘Africa’ in all its full fun-filled glory. Happy Wednesday!


Salif Keita – Africa

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