Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Song of the Week

Amadou and Mariam – Sénégal Fast Food

First of all we must start with an apology for the late publication of this post. Pending WordPress updates prevented it from circulating. We will be back at the usual time of 09:00 on Wednesday next week.

Amadou and Mariam are back on the Hub as creators of our track of the week for a second time. This week’s track is a exciting and jivey with an steady acoustic rhythm and accompaniments from brass and a harmonica.  There is also a Latin feel to the lyrics, provided by Manu Chao. They’re fast paced, almost rap-like, and pick up on the off-beat through out to make this song eminently danceable. However, the chorus in undeniably Malian. Its a lovely cultural mash-up of a song. The album ‘Dimanche a Bamako’ which this song originates from is an excellent album which is definitely worth a listen in its entirety. Similarly, the music video for the song creates a positive, if not typical, image of West African living and should be given a look. Though it does also include an example of the what appears to be a not-so-positive adventure in emigration to Europe.   Amadou and Mariam – Sénégal Fast Food

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