Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Track of the Week

Apologies for there being no song of the week on the 27th of August.  A WordPress error prevented the publication.

Issa Bagayogo – Toroya

‘Toroya’ is the second song of the week from “Techno Issa” Bagayogo. Whereas the first time round we concentrated on the difficulties  in Issa’s life and chose a song accordingly, here we return to his trademark; the traditional and technological, seamlessly blended into easy-listening modern music.

The electronic elements of this song are subtle, only really reserved for the use of an electronic bass and the production on the melody. Like so much of Mali’s music that has made it into the ears of Westerners the airy voices of two female singers hark back “to traditions of the Wassoulou region of Mali”. Apparently, Issa’s live performances are equally as ambitious. They embrace “dancefloor electronica” in a manner that only appears to impress an audience further – using this as an opportunity to blend traditional performing arts like dance with their modern counterparts also.

Issa Bagayogo – Toroya

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