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Sounds from the Sahel: Mali Song of the Week

Ali Farka Touré – Ai Bine

This song has been chosen solely to show off the excellent fusion between the rolling desert blues and the saxophone –  a guest instrument in a traditional Malian line up. Sitting comfortably amongst the other sounds, the saxophone’s involvement feels much like the family dynamic when a distant but much loved member has come to stay. Helping out with the melody, Steve Williamson‘s saxophone sings playfully alongside  Ali Farka Touré’s electric guitar.  It creates a slightly different sound by building on Farka Touré’s adaptation and arrangement of traditional sounds, adding a modern, urban element. At one point both instruments solo at once in a jazzy fashion. The great sound alluding to their common ancestry

The six minutes whizz by in what feels like seconds but the song still packs in all the classic traits of a great Ali Farka Touré song: short bursts of vocals, a simple unchanging rhythm and a masterful array of melodies.

Ali Farka Touré – Ai Bine

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