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There are three key things you can do to help the people of Mali: learn, talk and ask.


We encourage everyone to learn as much as they can about Mali, from this website and the material that we will channel through here. The current crisis is a complex and nuanced problem and with a wide range of perspectives and proposed solutions. Too often the Malian crisis has been responded to with simple solutions that fail to take into account all of the factors, and even what would happen to Mali in the future.

The Mali Development Group has experience of working with schools to develop understanding of Britain and Mali, and we also hope to develop the knowledge of Mali through this website.


Using this knowledge, we think you will find it difficult not to talk to people about Mali, and the crisis currently afflicting this. We think this is an important thing to do. With so many terrible things happening in the world right now talking about the crisis is important so that everyone you know is aware of Mali, and the crisis there. We want this website to be a platform for this discussion and want to work to promote Mali and solutions that will lead to a just enduring peace in Mali. If you want to talk to us about how you can help, or how we can help you raise the profile of Mali, please get in touch here.


The more you learn and talk to others, you more you will be shocked about how little people know, how little coverage Mali and the current crisis gets in Britain, and how little the British government is doing to bring about a just enduring peace in Mali. So we’re asking you to ask your friends, your papers and your MP what they can do to Mali. We’ll put putting up a range of simple things you can do to help Mali move closer towards a just enduring peace.

2 thoughts on “Action & Appeals”

  1. I am organising/promoting the first-ever African music event at Peterborough’s Key Theatre, with live music from Batanai and Shumba Mbira. It takes place on Saturday 4th May. I am a local, amateur DJ, specialising in African music, and it is my passion to share African music and culture with others. I would be happy to organise a charity fundraising element to this event, e.g. with a collection among the audience. This will need to be an officially-sanctioned action, since I am hiring the theatre facility from the local authority, and am subject tocertain contractual conditions. Regards, Richard

  2. Richard,

    Fantastic to hear. I’ll be in touch about how we can support you to do this. Really good to hear about all events involving Malian people.



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