All about the best handpans on the market

The handpan is a magical musical instrument. This one makes you lose your head through its beautiful melodies but also by its bewitching sounds. You decide to set off in search of this flagship instrument of 2022. Given the different models of handpan available on the market, you will have to know the best. In this article, you will discover the best handpan as well as the best rated and sold.

The RAV Vast G Pygmy handpan, the best of the best in 2022

The best handpan in our selection is the RAV Vast G Pygmy handpan. This instrument allows you to have a deep and unique sound. Go to the site to learn more about handpan for sale. Made of patented tempered steel, it has a diameter of 52 cm and a height of 18 cm. It is a model that has an exceptional adjustment precision. The central note of the drum has seven harmonics. It is equipped with a thick fabric case for easy transport and smooth storage. As for the case, it is made of sturdy 2mm steel and is very resistant to damage. It has a rubber skirt that supports the instrument when playing on wet ground or sand. In addition, we note the presence of a hard rubber protective edge.

The highest rated handpan

The RAV Vast D Celtic Minor is the highest rated handpan. It is an innovative instrument that has a deep sound. The drum is handmade and is made of 2mm RAV steel. It has a thin hydrophobic coating. It has a diameter of 51 cm, a height of 17 cm and a weight of 5.9 cm. In a blue-green color, this drum will give you a calm atmosphere. It lets you enjoy a meditative, anesthetic and phlegmatic sound. You can access rav stoves to make music for all. The center note of the drum is 9 notes. Perfectly toned, the drum is tuned to precise musical scales, allowing you to hit only good notes.

The best-selling handpan

The best-selling handpan is the Muslady. It is a handmade instrument that gives you perfect sound. Of better quality and very resistant to rust, the Muslady has a diameter of 56 cm and a weight of 4 kg. It has a hard case that allows you to store or store your instrument. The case also guarantees easy transport. It has a storage bag with a double zipper. The storage bag has cotton with a thickness of 20 mm which allows resistance to shocks and thus protects the trunk.