Confirmed Cases of South African Variants of Covid-19 in the United States

Confirmed Cases of South African Variants of Covid-19 in the United States

Just when the world was seeing a glimpse of hope as a result of speedy breakthroughs in developing the Covid-19 vaccine, some new variant of the virus showed up in some quarters of the world. Although it is believed that we will also come out on top of this, it is a setback in every sense of the word.

The Discovery of New Variants of the Covid-19 Virus

A lot of fuss was made about the discovery of the newer and deadlier variant of the virus in South Africa. However, the B117 variant was in existence long before then. It had even caused untold hardship in the United Kingdom and subsequently other parts of Europe and the world at large.

Judging from the last information gathered, the B117 is not a new situation in the United States as well. This is given how over 1000 cases of this variant have been confirmed in the country.

However, the latest setback is that the B117 variant is not the only newer and deadlier variant that has made it into the country. This is because the first confirmed case of the South African variant has been noticed.

After the first confirmed case, reliable information gathered, points to the fact that there have been reported cases in 9 other states.

What’s with the New Variant?

For the record, there are many variants of the virus. This is because the virus is well able to mutate and come up with newer strains. However, many of these variants are mild and easier to treat. However, there are some serious variants known as variants of concern.

The B117 and the variant discovered in South Africa fall into this category. This is because the sort of mutation they have undergone is difficult to resolve. As a result, it spreads faster and reduces the potency of many vaccines.

This is why some health practitioners and resource persons are strongly advising the administration to ensure speedy administering of the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This is so that the ability to combat the new variant will be better.

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