Creating your chatbot: what are the essential and free tools to use?

Successful business and marketing depends on certain essential bases such as good communication between the company and the customer. To finally meet this obligation, what better than a chatbot? So is it true? Is it as useful as we would think? Does it have the ability to respond to customers without the presence of staff? Of course it can. So how do you create it? What tools should you use?

Telegram Bots

This is a pretty powerful and good tool. Rather unique in its kind, it has a code available for its members. It is accessible to the general public because its API is simple and free. It is a rather unique and free social media platform. Through it, the entrepreneur can edit reminders he said, notifications and alerts.


An exceptional chatbot tool, it offers all its users a wide range of features. Free and moreover efficient, it is specialized in helping startups and companies to develop a free communication chatbot. Simple, easy and accessible to all, it is easy to create a chatbot with it.


So powerful that it is used by many popular platforms such as Slack, FlowXo is a tool that stands out for its originality and efficiency. Far ahead of the others, it requires more than just the basics, but real skill. Thus, to develop a bot of choice, you need serious skills. With algorithms and AI, it is undoubtedly ranked in the list of the best free chatbot tools.


This is the ideal tool for businesses and individuals wanting a useful free chatbot to answer customers. Simple and easy to use, it perfectly mimics the tics associated with human languages so that the customer doesn't know the difference between a human and a robot. In addition to being remarkably successful, it offers unique features for free that promote customer satisfaction.