How does Adrien Cheng see Generation Y and Generation Z on the future society ?

The evolution of the world in various fields impacts the life of the whole society. With the new generation, huge possibilities are offered through the Internet in various sectors no matter what your need or project is. How does Adrien Cheng see the Y and Z generations on the future society ? What are the future projects on generation Y and Z for the society ? In this article, discover Adrien Cheng's conception of generation Y and Z on the future. 

The conception of generation Y

Generation Y is a group of people born between the beginning of 1980 and the end of 1990. It is a group of people who have witnessed the evolution and discovery of video games and computer design. This generation pays particular attention to private life and favors work, sociability, creativity, etc.

For Adrian Cheng, this generation is that of the millennials, but which shares a contradictory conception, individualistic and opportunistic in society. Moreover, this generation is looking for a balance between private and professional life where they desire stability to work in a fixed company. This generation favors direct contact and a strong consideration for their personality.

The conception of generation Z 

Society is made up of a mixture of people of different ages and realities. Indeed, it is possible to categorize a number of people according to a given age range, hence the name Generation Z. It is a generation that includes people born between 1997 and 2010. Adrien Cheng conceives the fact that generation Z already lived with digital and digital communications. 

For him, the best service for this generation is a freelance job allowing people to have flexibility in their working hours and from home. This is a trait that reflects a certain confidence and respect to the people of this generation that is a great advantage and a beneficial action offering freedom.