How to choose the best quality computer charger?

You are in need of a charger, and you wonder how to get what you are looking for? This page answers your question. Here you will discover the tips to follow when choosing a charger. This article highlights the fundamentals you need to know for an excellent charger purchase.

The power of the charger

The power of the charger is presented in a value that is expressed in Watt (W) that determines the maximum energy that your charger can release to your laptop. We advise you when choosing your charger to make sure that the voltage of the charger does not vary by more or less than the original. Laptops have a voltage between 18.5 V and 20 V, which means that you can be sure of the power of your charger. It is essential to use a charger with a higher power rating to minimize the chance that it will wear out quickly. For additional information on chargers visit

The charger connector

Upon first contact with chargers, you get the impression that all chargers are the same. Such is not the case. Indeed, chargers are made up of various connectors and the search for the appropriate charger for your computer is not very easy. That's why it is necessary to find out the size and the outer and inner diameter of the connector of your charger. This information is often provided by manufacturers.

What if you opt for a universal charger?

The choice of a universal charger presents itself as an equally practical option. It is not inadvisable to choose a universal charger for a laptop. But this choice comes with a few things to consider. First, choose a charger with an average power of 90W for more caution. Universal chargers usually allow you to connect to multiple attachments.