How to use your laptop battery efficiently?

Although it is common knowledge that the battery of a PC deteriorates over time, many people wonder if the use they make of it also has an impact on their life span. To this end, we invite you to discover the best way to use the battery of a PC.

Some expert advice to ensure your choice

Year after year, the technological advances in laptop batteries and chargers are remarkable. This is the case with the Adapter for lenovo 02k6756. Indeed, the new generations of batteries are designed to last for a period of 3 to 5 years. During this period, these batteries will experience a charge cycle of between 500 and 1000 revolutions. However, this is an ideal that can be achieved by following the advice of experts.
For example, Lenovo's Rolfe says that leaving a laptop plugged in all the time with a 100% battery is not a big danger. In fact, computers are increasingly equipped with sensors that monitor the battery's charge and make sure it doesn't exceed it. This way, these sensors prevent overheating. However, it is also said that keeping a battery charged at 100% all the time slightly reduces the battery life.

Here is some other information that could help you make your choice

Another expert and colleague, Dr. Phil Jakes, says that batteries tended to deteriorate more quickly when kept at 100%. Still other experts advise against leaving a PC permanently connected to the mains. They also recommend interrupting the charge once it reaches 80% in order to increase the battery's autonomy. However, technically, it has been shown that batteries are safer at 50%.
In view of this advice, it is not advisable to rush to remove the charge once it has reached 50%. Indeed, the percentage of charge should also depend on the use made of your laptop.