Humidor: purpose, characteristics and advantages

Caressing a cigar between the fingers before lighting it is not only part of the ritual. It is also the best way for a cigar lover to know if it has been preserved in the necessary conditions. For this, a humidor is essential. Not only for the pleasure of smoking, but above all so that this jewel of nature made available to man can be smoked. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the humidor and, more importantly, why we should own one.

What is the purpose of a humidor ?

Because of the characteristics of this type of cigar, the use of a humidor is essential. Not only will they allow us to fully enjoy smoking them. They will also be real allies for their conservation.

Because they are made from leaves, cigars need a specific temperature and humidity to stay in top shape. Thus, the purpose of the humidor is to allow people to better preserve their cigars, because when they are not well cared for, they lose their value. It is important to understand that and to get helpful hints about that.

Characteristics of the humidor

The humidor is our lifeline for the proper storage of cigars. A compartment that preserves these two essential aspects for the conservation of this type of cigars. Humidity being crucial for them, the humidor is designed to maintain a relative humidity between 65% and 70%.

As this humidity can vary according to the ambient temperature, the humidor must be equipped with a hygrometer. In addition to humidity, the humidor also maintains the temperature required for this type of cigar: between 16 and 18 degrees. And, although it may seem like it, let's break a myth: a humidor is not a sealed compartment.

It does not close tightly. Moreover, it needs a minimum air supply to maintain its humidity and temperature conditions. A way to feed from the outside to watch over the treasures hidden inside.

Advantages of the humidor

Beyond the conservation, the humidor has another more valuable function. A less known one, and that consists in knowing the natural evolution of these cigars. From the moment a cigar leaves the cigar roller's workbench, it takes time.

Time for the tobacco leaves with which it is made to integrate. Time for the cigar blend to fully combine. Time, in short, for the tobacco blend imagined during its manufacture to show all its splendor once smoked. To achieve this, the humidor is essential. A key element for the good ageing of these cigars thanks to its temperature/humidity balance.