New Putin’s Legislation Explains Why Russia Is a Shame to the United Nations Human Rights Council

Of late, a political analyst went as far as calling the United Nations Human Rights Council a scam. The analyst further reiterated that the problem was not the mission and intent of the council, but the group of member nations in that council.

Russia is a typical example of such a nation and the recent legislation of the Russian prime minister explains why the nation is not a fit for the council.

What Has Russia Done Again?

Information reaching the airwaves from Russia explains that the Prime Minister has just approved legislation at the expense of pro-Navalny protesters.

The new legislation is intended to frustrate supporters of the opposition leader who has been recently jailed. This is about hefty fines and extended time in custody for being a partaker in the protest.

It should be noted that this is not the first issue arising in this regard as many pro-Navalny have been detained and wrongly treated in the process. One of the affected persons explained how security agents told them they could be killed without any traces to them.

Rather than put measures in place to guarantee the safety of protesters as they have the right to assemble for such a purpose, the Prime minister is gallantly proving himself as the new face of dehumanization in the world.

Condemnation for International Community

Many key players in the international scene have called on the Russian administration to do the right thing by releasing the opposition leader. Rather than do this, the corrupt judicial system in the country has refused to grant Navalny an appeal. This has further infuriated his supporters and people who are fed up with the system.

It is believed that the new legislation adversely binding on protesters is aimed at frustrating the supporters of the opposition from airing their view.

A political analyst did stress the need for the United Nations Human Rights Council to call one of its member nations (Russia) to order.