Tips for becoming a private taxi driver

Being a taxi driver is great but private taxiing is still very beneficial.  Becoming a private taxi driver allows you to be completely free.  It’s up to you to decide when you want to work and when you don’t.  This profession allows you to carefully manage your benefits.  But, to integrate this profession, you have to go through several stages.  So read this article to find out.

 Fulfill the conditions

 To be a private taxi driver, you must meet certain conditions.  Otherwise, you will not be able to integrate this profession.  For this purpose, you must have a valid driving license.  You can read the full article on the site.  After that, you need to pass a medical examination.  This should be done by a licensed physician.  It is through the latter that we will know if you can exercise this profession.

 In addition to this, you must have had a first aid certificate (PSC1) for at least two years.  You also need an empty criminal record.  Thus, he must not mention any conviction which could be incompatible with the exercise of the profession.  This rule is no longer valid if the forfeit is linked to a driving offense. The conviction can also be linked to a breach of trust or to a rape committed.

 Have a professional taxi card

 In order to become a private taxi driver, you must have a professional taxi card.  To do this, you are required to pass a professional competency certificate exam.  Several sessions are organized each year so you can try your luck.  But before that, you need to register by filling out a form. This is available at the prefecture to which you depend.

 Likewise, you have the possibility to download it from the official website of the latter. To pass the exam, it is strongly recommended that you take a taxi training course.  This makes it easier to prepare for the challenges you will be presented with.  If you are selected, you will be entitled to a business card.  Generally, the latter will be given to you within three months of the exam.  You will see on the map the cities in which you are authorized to work.  Training is provided to you continuously in the first 5 years, as soon as you start working.  After this training, you will have a certificate valid for five years.

 Apply for your license

 You cannot be a private taxi driver if you do not have a parking card (ADS).  This is a taxi license or plate.  You can buy it or also lend it from a taxi company.  If you decide to obtain it, in this case you go to the mayor of the municipality in which you practice your profession or find a taxi driver who wishes to resell his license.  Be aware that it may take months to obtain the license, depending on your position during the registration process.