Top 4 benefits of timelapse for the follow-up of a construction site

The video timelapse is a very essential tool for the follow-up of a construction site at a distance, it is also a very effective support of communication. The use of timelapse consists in taking pictures from the same angle(s) at different times. Once the film is edited with the different shots, the action materializes as a time-lapse. In this article, you will discover four benefits of timelapse.

Follow-up of a construction site in timelapse video

It is a way for the customer to follow the evolution of his construction site, without moving, by visualizing all the details of the operations. He can easily realize at a distance if the steps presented in the specifications are respected as it is necessary. The camera can film a whole site and also focus on details that are important. You can investigate this site for more information.

Internal communication

It is possible to use the timelapse film as an internal communication tool to transmit information to all relevant departments in the company. During construction, it is the ideal moment to illustrate in video the progress of the project during the meetings of stage. At the end of the project, it is also possible to make a retrospective of the different stages of the construction to improve the process.

External communication

For the company in charge of the construction, the realization of a timelapse film allows it to present its know-how in a dynamic way and to highlight its various achievements. The impact of a video on the confidence of your company is considerable. Your company is really highlighted for the development of its influence with partners. Surveillance of the construction site by camera Thanks to the timelapse camera, the construction site is permanently under surveillance. It is an accessory which allows the builder who must follow several building sites at the same time, to follow the evolution of its various building sites remotely and to use the building site camera as a remote monitoring camera. The follow-up of the building site with the autonomous time lapse camera allows to be reassured of the evolution and the quality of the building site.