Analysts Say the United Nations Human Right Council has to be Seriously Restructured to Serve their Purpose

The United Nations human rights council consists of some member nations. These member nations are elected periodically and seat to discuss and formulate international policies to ensure the fundamental human right of everyone is guaranteed in every part of the world. However, an analyst has referred to the council as a joke and claimed its needs to be restructured to serve its purpose.

Why the Name Calling and Tongue lash?

The analyst claimed that this arm of the United Nations is one of the arms that has failed to live up to its responsibility. The analyst blamed some human rights challenges happening all around the globe on the inefficiency of the council.

He stressed that “nations that have the moral justification to contest membership in this council have pulled out and left it at the mercies of communists and those who do not believe in fundamental human rights for starters”.

He stressed that the way forward is a total overhaul of the member nations. The analyst suggested that this should be done by coming up with yardsticks disallowing nations with human rights abuse cases from participating in the council.

The analyst explicitly stated that “it is a shame that nations like Russia, China, Cameroon, Cuba, Philippines, and Eritrea call the shot in the formulation of international human rights laws. These nations are the true faces of dehumanization and the purpose of the council should be targeted towards them… what next? Maybe North Korea and the Myanmar-led military government will chair the council one day… it is a joke of the highest order”.

United States making Huge Decision Regarding UN Human Rights Council Membership

The White House Secretary of State has reiterated the intention of the Joe Biden administration to have a seat in the UN human rights council. This is well against the act of withdrawal that was perpetuated by Donald Trump 3 years ago.

The Secretary of State admitted that a lot of things are wrong with the council but the involvement of the United States will seek to resolve this.

However, this cannot be possible until fresh elections to elect the council’s member nations later in the year.